Is Your WordPress Site “Social” and “Mobile” Ready?

SomoSocial ThemeThe social wave is storming the coast. We know everything gets social now. Whether it’s a niche site, an amazon site, a plugin business, an offline business, a CPA site, an ecommerce site, you can get so much more traffic and money just by going social! Somehow, someway, you need to allow people to social with you. You need to build these Social Signals that Google is tracking and loving!

Social signals are found to have positive correlations with ranking improvements, in some cases as high as 60%. To simplify the observation, if your social signals are improving, you have some 60% chances to see your rank improve.

The interesting fact is not the “60%”. The amazing part was that it was never as high as “60%”! This only tells us that Social Signals are getting MORE WEIGHTS in determining search ranking!

In the past, when you increase your backlink counts, you see positive response in ranking. Now, when you improve your social signals, you see positive response in ranking!

Many reputable experts will tell you they have recovered their sites hit by Panda and Penguin merely by making their sites Social. They are RIGHT! We have got few #1 rankings just doing social things! Social – The New “Vote” (quietly replacing backlinks!)

You may have heard how the authority sites got insulated. The sites that have perfected their social presences before Penguin are mostly unaffected, or at least minimized the damage. Experts called this:“Social Insulation”. Insulation from penalties!

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Built for Social SEO

SomoSocial Child Theme integrates Facebook Open Graph and Google Authorship markup on your blog making your site more visible in social search as well as on Facebook and Google+.

Facebook Open Graph Integration

Facebook Open Graph helps Facebook to identify the image, title, and description of your pages. It is this information that gets displayed in people’s activity feed when they are using Facebook.



SomoSocial child theme ensures that the images, titles, and descriptions are accurately picked up when Facebook crawls your pages.

Facebook Insights Integration

Facebook Insights is a free service provided by Facebook. You can use it to study the statistics on the performance of your website on Facebook.


Facebook Insights offers a consolidated view of key metrics for your website. For example, if a user links to your site in their Facebook status message, that data is included in the analytics for your site. You can access sharing metrics and demographic information per domain and per URL so you can optimize your content for sharing and better tailor your content to your audience.

SomoSocial child theme integrates your site with Facebook Insights, so you can readily access your insights analytics data on Facebook.

Google Authorship Markup Integration

Google now includes author information in search results. So when your pages appear in the Google search results, you can have your Google+ profile displayed along with the results. Google may also display the circle authority as you get more followers on Google+.


SomoSocial Child Theme integrates Google authorship markup for your site. All you need to is to update your Google+ profile link in your author profile settings.

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Mobile Responsive Design

SomoSocial child theme is designed to make your website mobile-responsive. The layout and design of your site will automatically change to fit the device you’re reading it on. It will look just as awesome on any device screen, be it your mobile, tablet, or a desktop screen.


Power of the Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework  is the foundation of any smart WordPress design. Over 77,000 online publishers trust Genesis to provide a solid foundation for their sites. SomoSocial Child Theme is built on top of the Genesis Framework giving you all the benefits of Genesis and then some more.

Easy Point-and-Click Customization

SomoSocial Child Theme offers following customizing features:

6 Color Styles, 6 Layout Options, Widgetized Home Page, Custom Headers, Custom Menus, Featured Images, Column Classes, Ready to use Buttons, Ready to use Message Boxes, Theme Options, Threaded Comments


Add To Cart: $27 Only

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